Strange Road Accident in China Causes Cars to be Lifted Off the Ground

Road accidents are usually caused by erring drivers, bad road conditions or both, and most of the vehicles end up with a certain degree of damage. While we can easily draw conclusions on how they happened, this footage of a traffic accident in China can be quite baffling.

CCTV footage shows a spooky accident involving cars that mysteriously levitate before crashing into each other at a busy intersection in China.

Levitating Cars

But before throwing in theories of the supernatural, the strange occurrence can actually blamed for an ongoing roadwork in the area.

Car Lift

Apparently, a telephone wire was being installed with a steel cable laid across the road, thinking it wouldn’t be a problem for vehicles that could just roll over it. However, a street sweeper truck went over it and got caught in the spinning cleaner, causing the cars to be lifted off the ground and crash into each other.

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