Chubby Dude Gets Revenge on His Bullies by Killing it in the Soccer Field

Getting picked on at school by cowardly bullies can make life miserable for poor students who can’t stand up for themselves. It’s a terrible tragedy. But one overweight kid got his revenge when he decided to focus on being the best version of himself through soccer.

Bas Van Velzen was ridiculed by bullies in the Netherlands for being chunky, so he focused his attention to soccer and spent countless hours honing his craft. The resulting effort is some mad ball-handling skills.

Chubby Footballer

Van Velzen has developed impressive techniques that include bending the ball to hit the far corner of the goal and nutmegging his opponents with his remarkable dribbling abilities that defy his overall physique.

Football Skills

This soccer whiz has now been serving as an inspiration to aspiring athletes who don’t fit the standard physical build.

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