Watch The Moment A Wife And Mistress Team Up To Confront A Cheating Boyfriend

The first rule for anybody who’s two-timing is to remember not to let your girlfriend find out you’ve got a side chick. Unfortunately for this cheating man, his luck ran out.

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His girlfriend (or should we say, ex-girlfriend) introduces the video with the following statement:

“Okay, so we’re catching my boyfriend cheating and meeting up with another girl right now, who I’ve been connecting with…”

Cheating Man Gets Exposed

The guy told his girlfriend that he’d been involved in a car accident, when in reality he arranged to meet his mistress in a shopping mall.

Unbeknownst to the guy, his girlfriend had actually been in contact with the mistress. So the two agreed to call him out on his cheating antics in front of everyone, and made sure to record the whole ordeal for the internet to enjoy.

Cheating Man Gets Confronted

The girls sure are lucky. He looks like a simmering psychopath ready to explode and kill someone.

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