Professional Race Car Driver Danica Patrick Takes Lyft Passengers On A Crazy Ride

After their previous celebrity undercover video became such a hit, Lyft has decided to enlist the help of famous race car driver Danica Patrick to take some unsuspecting passengers on a very special trip.

She pretends to be a driver fro the ride-hailing company, wearing a hat and sunglasses to conceal her identity.

Danica Patrick Lyft

Moments after the ride starts, Danica reveals her reckless driving habits to the unsuspecting passenger. ‘Buckle up for safety, you might need it,’ she told one of them.

Undercover Driving

‘My boyfriend thinks I’m a terrible driver because I don’t follow the rules, I drive too fast, I ride too close,’ she said to another man.

Driving For Lyft

This was obviously fake as she did not cause a crash.

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