Feeding ‘Hangry’ Snakes Easily Isn’t One of the Most Desirable Jobs in the World

Animal lovers would agree that taking care of adorable creatures such as pandas and bunnies may be one of the best jobs they can get into. Some may even go for more majestic beasts like elephants and whales. But I’m pretty sure most of them would not be as into feeding hangry venomous snakes as those who go for the harmless ones.

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It’s quite natural for hungry people to shift into a terrible mood when they don’t get fed as soon as possible, just take your wives and girlfriends, for example. But apparently, being ‘hangry’ (hungery + angry) also occurs in animals, and probably the worst creature that can experience this are venomous snakes.

Feeding Time

But to one guy, this doesn’t seem to be much of a problem, as the video shows him feeding a whole bunch of what seem to be cobras live rats in close proximity, with some even going in for a strike.

Snake Feeding

This is a definite nope in my book.

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