Guys Cover Pitch Perfect’s “The Cup Song” Using Guns and It’s Simply Awesome

“The Cup Song” from the blockbuster motion picture “Pitch Perfect” is one of the most memorable performances of the film’s star Ana Kendrick, and with good reason. It combines perfect timing from producing the percussive sounds while singing. Ana pulls it off flawlessly. To cover this song, Jim Huish of the band Amber’s Drive, together with his bother Joe, used guns and it turned out to be awesome.

The video was shot on a cold Utah winter day, using an AR15, an AK47 (AK74), a CZ75, a Walther P22 and of course red party cups, just like in the film.

Screen shot 2015-06-05 at 12.38.20 AM

Although it was tough to perform the song under the harsh weather conditions, they pulled it off perfectly. Fans of the movie and gun nuts alike are surely going to love it.

Screen shot 2015-06-05 at 12.41.32 AM

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