Watch These Expensive Army Humvees Violently Crash To The Ground After A Failed Air Drop

Air dropping military humvees in a combat zone takes extreme precision, planning and working parachutes — emphasis on the ‘working’ part.

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The 173rd Airborne Brigade recently learned that without functional parachutes, their expensive piece of military gear will quickly turn to scrap.

The epic military failed occurred during a training exercise in Hohenfels, Germany. Footage shows several cargo aircraft flying over the area as they drop various equipment.

Military Air Drop Fail

But one of the humvees appears to lose its parachute rigging, sending it crashing to the ground.

Fisrt Humvee Crashes

Later a second humvee also loses its rigging, creating a crate of dusts as it crashes.

Second Humvee Crashes

And a few moments later a soldier can be heard saying, “there’s another one,” as a third humvee smashes into the ground. And just before the video ends, a soldier says, “it’s on fire,” referring to one of the downed humvees.

Third Humvee Crashes

It’s all fun and games until they tell you that was your only ride home.

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