Firecrakers Are Fun, Until You Put Them Down Your Pants

Of course it’s a terrible idea!

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This Chinese guy puts firecraker in his manhood and you know what happens next.
chinese guy lights up firecrackers in his finger
The clip starts with this guy in his underwear holding firecrackers with his both hands, and even has some in his mouth. He then lights a firecraker on his middle finger, turned his head away, and let it explode there.
guy puts firecracker down his pants
He didn’t seem a bit scared, and took another firecraker which was in his mouth and put his down his pants. He lights it up, you can see smoke from it, and then exploded. He can be seen cupping his manhood, with pain evident on his face. I’m not sure how he survived that, but he must have some kind of protection down there. What do you think?

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