Real-Life Mario Kart

The huge success and popularity of Nintendo’s Mario Kart is undeniable. The game has already etched itself in pop culture because Mario! And for this reason, some people have already made karting a popular past time. But an adventure park in New Zealand has taken it to whole new level of excitement via high-speed luge karting. Downhill.

The Skyline Luge in Rotorua, New Zealand lets you experience Mario Kart on luges in a high-speed race downhill.



You just push the handle forward to go faster or pull it back to slow down. Unfortunately, throwing turtle shells is not allowed.

Mario Kart


You can take on your friends and see who’s the best karter!

Karting View


It looks like it’s worth taking a trip to New Zealand just to experience this kind of fun. Do you think so? Share this video!