Bono Invites U2 Tribute Band to Play With Them Live on Stage

Playing in a tribute band requires total devotion to a particular group of musicians you’ve come to worship and idolize. You try to look like them and you try to sound like them. One can only imagine how it would feel if you could play with the band you’ve always wanted to become. This once in a lifetime dream just came true for U2 tribute band Acrobat when they were invited to play with the band on stage by Bono himself.

Gabriel Pate has lived the dream after his band played crowd favorite “Desire” with U2 in front of 20,000 people at the Air Canada Arena in Toronto.


He got to share the microphone with Bono.

Bono & Gabriel

And jammed with him on the harmonica towards the end of the song.


How ’bout that for achieving your fan goals?

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