Funniest Snore Ever! Sleeping Man Leaves Friends In Hysterics With His High Pitched Wheezing

There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep next to someone who has a loud, unrelenting snore.

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But the friends of this wheezing man certainly enjoyed his high-pitched snores, which had them in hysterics. The man’s raspy tones are so bizarre that his friends’ raucous laughter woke him up, leaving him red-faced and confused.
The video begins with a close-up of the man’s face, suggesting that the people filming him had been watching him sleep for some time. The unidentified man is laying down on the sofa, propping his head up with his arm and his mouth is wide open.
A cardboard box behind the man says ‘thrombosis detector’, suggesting his snore could be related to a lung condition. Breathing through his mouth, every snore he takes sounds similar a kazoo – and leaves his friends struggling to control their laughter.

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