Guy Tries to Prove Storefront Psychics Are Nothing But a Sham

Manhattan is peppered with thriving storefront psychics, and I’m pretty sure there are a great number of them all over the world. Whether you believe in them or not, they are here to stay, since they seem to make a good living out of it. However, there is no science that can explain if their practice is legit, due to the fact that it’s either intelligent guesswork or delve into the paranormal. One guy took to the task of uncovering the truth about these so-called clairvoyants.

With a hidden camera in tow, comedian Tyler Fischer visited a bunch of psychics and tried to find out if they had similar palm readings. Surprisingly, most of them said he would have a long life. But when asked how long, they all gave different answers. It became quite consistent from there.

Palm Reading

The results of his visits were pretty much inconclusive with all the general and safe answers they were giving out. But then an odd thing happened. One of lady felt that he was secretly recording their session.



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