Furious Street Sweeper Blocks Badly Parked Car With 40 Wheelie Bins

Bizarre footage from China shows a man in charge of collecting refuse surrounding a car with wheelie bins after it wrongly parked in the designated rubbish collecting area.

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The man had reportedly tried and failed to get in contact with the driver to get him to remove the vehicle before he made the passive aggressive gesture.
A short video filmed on Saturday on an estate in east China’s Anhui province shows the rubbish collector strategically placing 40 large green bins in a square around the offending black vehicle. He even makes sure the rows are even, taking bins from a third row on one side to create a second row on the other side.
The person filming manages to speak to the local man in person as he wheels a bin forward, explaining his motive for the unusual revenge attack. The video ends before the owner of the car returns and it unclear how the driver reacted.

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