Hip-Shaking Construction Worker Wows Internet with Epic Dance Performance at the Workplace

Work can be tedious and tiring, but it’s inspiring when hard-working employees still find a way to take a break and have a bit of fun.

An amusing clip featuring a construction worker instantly went viral when he embodied the old adage ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ as he pulled off an epic dance performance at the workplace.

Construction Dancing

Tony Restivo was working at a building construction site when a colleague secretly recorded him shaking his hips, thrusting his midsection and throwing in a couple of signature high kicks as he danced to Ariana Grande’s ‘Into You’ (music on video was changed due to copyright issues) to the delight of his co-workers. Amused by what she saw, the 43-year-old’s wife uploaded the clip on Facebook for all the world to see. It has amassed more than 26 million views as of writing.

Dance Kick

Keep doing you, sir.

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