Big Brother Reacts Adorably to Baby Sisters Attempts of Waking Him Up

There are people that get annoyed when somebody wakes them up in a really bad way, and there are some who just plain hate it when somebody wakes them up, period. They get cranky and sometimes, in extreme cases, get violent. I think we can all agree that it’s not a good thing having to wake up from a deep slumber. One kid, however, thinks otherwise.

Eight-month old Remi decides to wake her three-year old Drew up from his nice little nap on the couch. She crawls to him and gives his big brother a nice little nudge to the face.

Wake Up


After a few more attempts of waking Drew up, he decides to get up. But instead of being irritated and telling his baby sister off, he reacts in the sweetest way possible.

Brother's KissNow that’s some brotherly love right there.

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