Girl Fight! Messy Brawl With Four Women Breaks Out Inside A Crowded Fast Food Restaurant While Onlookers Jeer

A group of women was caught on video wrestling on the floor during a messy brawl in a fast food restaurant.

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The unsettling footage, believed to be taken in Toronto, shows two woman rolling around as they tussled inside a crowded Smoke’s Poutinerie. As the women fall to the floor between the dining tables and chairs, a blonde woman, dressed in a black parka and boots has her dress pulled up during the fight, exposing her red thong.
girl fight
Bystanders were seen laughing and jeering as the two girls grappled with one another before one tried to mount the other woman. The clip shows them struggling to break free before a woman intervenes and tries to separate them by yanking one by the shirt.
girl fight in a fast food
The two girls are dragged around the floor kicking and flailing, meanwhile two other women are seen in the background fighting near the registers.

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