Clueless Killer’s Reaction Is Caught Live on Air After He Was Told the Body of His Victim Had Been Found

Back in 2011, Mercer University law school student Lauren Giddings suddenly went missing. This sparked a search in the surrounding area of the university in Macon, Georgia, which also generated much interest to the media. This clip shows the disturbing reaction of the killer after being told the police have found the body during a live interview.

Stephen McDaniel visibly broke down and started to freak out upon learning Lauren’s body had been found. He immediately had to excuse himself during the interview.

Killer Interview

The second part of the interview shows on the verge of tears, displaying desperate behavior, which had viewers suspicious.

Killer Freak Out

Stephen McDaniel was arrested soon after on suspicion of murder. He later confessed to the crime and told police that he sneaked into Lauren’s room and killed her. He dismembered her body and dumped parts in a dumpster then joined the search to look for her. The gruesome crime ultimately had him sentenced to life in prison.

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