Violent Brawl Erupts Over Racism On A Melbourne Train After An African Passenger told three Arabic Men They Bring All The Crime Here

A violent brawl between four men has been captured by a passenger on a train in Melbourne.



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The footage shows a group of men arguing on a Sunbury line train, before three men appear to attack one man who is left slumped on the floor, reported 7 News. A witness who spoke to 7 News however, said there was more to the scenario than it appeared. The witness said the man on the ground who was being attacked was the one who initiated the fight.

Violent brawl erupts over 'racism' on a Melbourne train after an African passenger 'told three Arabic men they bring all the crime here'


He was bleeding from his lip because he suffered a lot of punches. And he deserved it too, the witness said. He explained the altercation began with insults between the three Arabic men and the African man. After this, the insults turned to terrorism.

Violent brawl erupts over 'racism' on a Melbourne train


The witness said the African man told the three other men that all Arabic people were part of ISIS, and that’s when the physical fight began. He said, They just wanted to beat she s*** out of him and they did. Other passengers sought help from transit guards when the train pulled into Tottenham station.



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