Trapped Wolf Is Set Upon By Dogs As Cheering Villagers Encourage Their Animals To Attack It In Shocking Footage

This is the shocking moment a trapped wolf was set upon by dogs as cheering villagers encouraged their animals to attack.



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Disturbing footage taken in the central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan shows the wolf secured with a length of rope and being repeatedly mauled by dogs. Owners goad their pets and use long sticks to control the fight, which happened in a clearing in an undisclosed rural area of the country.

Trapped wolf is set upon by dogs


At one point, the frightened wolf yelps with pain as it is bitten on the nose and only fights back when it is attacked. Several dogs go after the wolf which can be seen limping badly by the end of the clip.

Trapped wolf is set upon by dogs as cheering villagers encourage their animals to attack it in shocking footage


As the video comes to an end, three dogs lunge at their victim at the same time. It is unclear how the incident ended and the identity of those involved is not known. The clip was widely shared online, with most saying they were horrified by the footage.



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