Viral Video of Woman Using Peppermint Oil to Remove Tick Is Said to Be Extremely Dangerous

Lifehack videos have been convenient sources of tips and tricks to make life a little bit easier, but there are times when they could actually be dangerous to the uninformed.



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A viral video showing a woman trying to get rid of a tick using peppermint oil turns out to be dangerous move according to experts.



Peppermint Oil



The video earned viral status for showing people how easy it is to get rid of these pests quickly using a home remedy while preventing the risk of acquiring an infectious disease they carry with it.



Pouring Oil



But according to medical experts all over the world, this is a dangerous and misleading practice. They say ticks have already salivated into our body when they latch onto it, and pouring oil only agitates them, causing these parasites to salivate more and increase the risk of infecting its host with Lyme disease.



Removing Tick



It’s still advisable to seek the help of medical professionals when trying to get rid of these nasty buggers.



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