Doctors find half-dissolved pen cap in patient’s lung 20 YEARS after he inhaled it as a child

A man lived almost 20 years with a plastic pen cap lodged in one of his lungs after he inhaled it as a child and forgot about it.



Doctors found and removed the partially-dissolved cap after the man started coughing up blood and went to hospital. When they showed it to them he recalled accidentally inhaling the pointed object when he was a youngster in the 1990s.


The patient, identified by his surname Wang, didn't realise the pen cap was to blame for his coughing


He suffered fits of coughing throughout his childhood and early 20s, but never thought that it was due to the pen cap.

The man, from Huaihua in south central Hunan province, told them he had been a chronic sufferer of coughing and chest discomfort since he was six or seven. But he never connected the dots.


Wang recalled inhaling the pen cap when he was six or seven years old


Doctor Zhou Kangren and his team found through scans that a foreign object had been obstructing his airway, which contributed to his difficulty in breathing. An endoscopy was performed on Wang and the half-dissolved object, which resembles a pen cap, was removed.

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