Meet One of the Best Slingshot Shooters You’ll Ever See

We’ve all encountered a slingshot as kids back in the day, but probably have never met someone with mastery of the ancient weapon like this man.



An old man demonstrated his incredible skill with the slingshot when a journalist who has heard of his expertise tried looking for him to meet the master himself, and found him at a farm in Randolph County south of Asheboro, NC.



Best Beanshooter



Rufus Hussey is known as one of the best marksmen with the slingshot, or what’s also known as a beanshooter, who ever walked the earth, and with good reason. Apparently, he learned to used the weapon out of necessity, and has since developed his remarkable skill until his 60s, earning him the moniker ‘The World’s Most Accurate Slingshot Assassin.’



Slingshot Tree



The man’s a legend.



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