U.S. Military Develops Advanced Combat Suit to Boost Soldiers’ Capabilities

With the war against terror still raging on in different parts of the world, our soldiers are out there risking their necks to make the world a better place. But sadly, many of our heroes either perish or get wounded in battle, so the U.S. military has decided to develop advanced combat gear that’s going to save the lives of more soldiers by keeping them a lot safer out in the battlefield.

The Tactical Light Operator Suit (TALOS) is currently being developed by the U.S. Department of Defense and is designed to enhance a soldier’s capabilities that include greater protection from bullets, a boost in lifting heavy loads and life-saving oxygen in case a soldier finds himself in a bit of trouble.

Bullet Protection

The exosuit will weigh just over 13 pounds, but it can help a soldier carry 33 pounds of added weight. It will also feature a ‘liquid body armor’ that can mold itself to the wearer through electrical impulses.


The suit is set to be available to our soldiers in 2018, with estimates costing around US$80 million for its development.

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