Car Collides with Motorcycle After Running a Red Light

Traffic rules are in place not just to keep the flow of vehicles in order, but to make sure both motorists and pedestrians are safe. Still, even if you’re one who strictly follows them, there is always the chance that some idiot won’t and cause a fatal accident. Luckily, one biker narrowly escaped death when a car crossed an intersection and collided with the motorcycle after running a red light.

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Hayden Coffey and his buddy Christian Hightower were riding on a street in Kennewich, Washington and going for a left turn when a car zoomed across an intersection near Columbia Center Mall, violently clipped Coffey’s motorcycle and continued to drive away.


As soon as Hightower ran to check on him, other people rushed to help. Coffey was extremely lucky his worst injury is a concussion and is now recovering in a hospital.

Bike Accident

Turns out, the driver of the car is a 17-year-old girl who just got her license. She kept driving home and returned to the site of the accident with her parents.

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