This Video Shows You That Rating Your Female Friend Is a Bad Idea

There are just somethings you never do to your female friends. Apart from sleeping with them, you must never under any circumstance rate how attractive you think they are.

It will never end well. You give them a score to high thing might get awkward, and if its too low, well get ready for a shit storm. Don’t even think of forgiveness at that point, it’s not going to happen.

In this sketch from the Youtube channel Genuine Jerks a friendship is threatened when a woman asks her guy friend to rate her from one to ten.

He, in an act of stupidity, gave her a low rating. I guess he just wanted to be honest about their friendship. He should’ve realized the trap getting set up for him. Bad move, man.
Femalre friend rate trap

The guy should’ve played it safe and gave her at least a score of nine. But if you ever find yourself in this situation its better to just run away. Like literally run away. It’s a trap.

Don't rate your female friends

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