Pregnant Driver And Four Passengers Are Seriously Hurt When Out-Of-Control Lorry Smashes Into Them In South African Petrol Station Horror Crash

An eight-month pregnant woman is in critical condition after she was hit by a 16-ton lorry while parked at a service station in Johannesburg, South Africa. CCTV footage from the incident shows the horrified petrol pump assistant running for his life when the out-of-control lorry heads straight for him at over 50mph. The lorry ploughs across the pavement and into the side of the garage, slamming into the pregnant woman’s Mercedes, injuring her and her four passengers.



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The driver of the lorry later claimed he was not behind the wheel and was ‘teaching a friend how to drive’. The CCTV footage shows the lorry smashing several petrol pumps clear out of the ground, and pushing the Mercedes some 20 yards into the garage brick wall.

Eight-months-pregnant driver and four passengers are seriously hurt when out-of-control lorry smashes into them in South African petrol station horror crash


The worker who ran for cover is believed to have been injured by flying debris and a driver in a second badly damaged car escaped injury altogether. Emergency services were quickly on site along with fire crews who said that it was a miracle that the whole petrol station did not explode in flames.

Eight-months-pregnant driver and four passengers are seriously hurt


The horrific accident happened in Johannesburg on Saturday night at 11pm. A South African Police Service spokesman said an investigation is underway.



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