This Guy Squeezing A Salivary Stone Out Of His Tongue Is The Grossest Thing You’ll See Today

We’ve seen our fair share of pimple popping videos but this one is takes it a new level.

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Brandon Douglas posted this unsettling video of him pushing a salivary stone out from beneath his tongue to YouTube and the internet is oddly obsessed with it The 30 second clip shows the stomach-churning moment a salivary stone creeps out of his submandibular duct.

Man Pushes Stone Out Of Mouth

The American was having breakfast when he noticed something sticking out under his tongue. Douglas rushed to the bathroom and decided to record the moment he pushed the hard white object out of his mouth and later posted it to YouTube and Reddit.

Large Salivary Stone

As he flexes his tongue to push the stone out, Douglas groans but doesn’t seem to be too phased. Once he pulls the last of the few centimetres long stone out, he is left with a hole in the bottom of his mouth.

Hole Left Inside His Mouth

Wtf did I just watch.

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