Extremely Lazy Dog Figures Out How To Hitch A Ride On A Sheep

“What are you talking about? Of course I’m herding them, I’m not taking a break.” This herding dog was caught using one of the sheep as his own personal moving dog bed. This is genius!



When farmers in Fordongianus, Italy went out into the field, they were surprised to find that a small dog had climbed onto the soft, downy back of one of their longhaired sheep and got comfortable.




The oblivious sheep didn’t seem to mind the canine interloper and just went about grazing along the grass as if nothing was unusual.

Talk about your lazy watchdogs. Pooches hopping on top of sheep field is an entire genre. This dog even yawns from boredom while casually hitching a ride.




I love how he really didn’t care and just sat there like a king. Well done pup!

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