Find Out What Happens to Old Cars Running on a Diesel Engine When Unleaded Fuel Is Pumped Into the Tank and Vice Versa

It is the most common mistake drivers do when filling up their car’s tank with fuel, causing them thousands of dollars in repair costs. But would it be necessary to have parts replaced when you mistakenly put the wrong fuel?





Pumping unleaded fuel into a diesel powered car and vice versa can be a costly mistake and Jon Bentley, the motorhead behind the YouTube channel Fifth Gear, decided to do a demonstration on what actually happens and what to do to save an old car from emptying your wallet.






First, he discussed the difference between unleaded fuel and diesel, to give us an idea how they work. And after pumping both into the wrong cars, he test drove each and got different results.



No Ignition



With diesel having a higher flashpoint, it definitely showed wasn’t good for the old car with a gas engine. But with unleaded loaded into a car the runs on diesel, the results were surprising. But the bottom line is, you can actually flush the wrong fuel out by just pumping the right one in and the old cars work fine.






It’s still cheaper than using soda for fuel.



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