Terrifying Moment A Driver Just Misses Crashing Into Another Car After Skidding Sideways Into A Concrete Barrier

The shocking moment a car drifts backwards in front of a motorist on a busy highway has been captured on camera. A motorists was travelling eastbound on Ipswich Motorway when the accident occurred. ‘Estimated speed around 150km. Muppet nearly took me out,’ the driver who filmed the incident said.





The footage was uploaded to Facebook page Dash Cam Owners Australia on Saturday. The video shows the motorist travelling down the freeway before a white car suddenly appears.

Terrifying moment driver skids


The white car drifts backwards across four lanes before slamming into a bollard. The driver then reverses through a cloud of smoke and drives away.

Terrifying moment driver skids sideways on the motorway


The video has attracted a number of comments. ‘Not every day you get overtaken by a car going sideways,’ one person wrote.



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