When you’re a proud US marine but got demolished in the ring by a Jiu Jitsu girl

If we hadn’t already spoiled who won, who would you have bet on? Per the description, a male marine and a female Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioner compete in a friendly submission cage match.



They both open by going into a crouch and the guy aggressively going for a dual leg take down. He goes under her arms, grabs her legs, lifts her, then attempts to slam her face down on the mat. On the way down, the girl grabs the guy’s left leg then braces to lever that leg up and roll him. The marine is able to push the girl off the leg, but ends up with the girl coming at him from outside his left arm (flanking him). He turns to face her, but she is able to take a top position over his head and applies a guillotine choke. He does a double leg take down, but the girl doesn’t break her choke so the marine ends up in the girl’s guard with his neck in a guillotine choke.




He is able to stand and do a single legged lift on the girl, but she stands up while he is lifting, does a dropping sprawl (with the marine still in the guillotine) which pulls the marine into a kneeling position. While the marine is recovering, she circles behind him and applies a rear naked choke. When he grabs her arms and stands up, she sinks her hooks (her heels into the his hip joint depressions). He does a falling slam to the mat, in an attempt to break her grip, but she doesn’t let go so he taps out.




This is a good example of the use of mobility and positioning against a larger, heavier, and stronger opponent.

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