Cops filmed trying to run over a rabid raccoon

Is this OK? People are angry at the Raven, New York Police for this video showing officers targeting a raccoon with their cars. The department says officers were trying to take out the animal because it had rabies and didn’t want to fire their weapons close to pedestrians.


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The video was filmed and posted by Bryanna Catucci. Catucci was in the parking lot of a Shop when she saw two police cars, one an unmarked white sedan and the other a patrol car, circling the raccoon.




Catucci posted two clips of the the police cars. The first video shows a white car running over the raccoon but missing it. A marked cop car follows right after, but also misses the animal.

The second video shows the unmarked white car clipping the raccoon and sending it falling to the ground. The officers then watch from their window as it manages to get back up.




A number of witnesses saw the scene, right up until the raccoon was finally killed.

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