(Warning Graphic Content) Texas Officer Fatally Shoots Driver Who Tries To Open Fire On Him During A Traffic Stop!

A Texas Police officer took deadly action against a man who pointed a gun at him during a traffic stop.
The incident happened on Thursday in the City of Pasadena, east of Houston. Police say a Pasadena officer pulled over a car for running a stop sign.



In the video the driver gets out of the car and points a hand gun at the officer. The officer then opens fire and shoots the man to death in the street.




It is not clear if the suspect fired any shots back at the officer.

Josh Bruegger with the Pasadena Police Department says, “He was very animated with his hands” before he stood up, placed his right hand behind his back. The officer gave him verbal commands at which time the suspect drew a weapon, pointed it at the officer.”




The case will be turned over to a grand jury to determine if the shooting was justified. Police say the officer had no choice but to shoot the man.

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