Dashcam Captures Shocking Moment Cyclist ‘Pretends To Be Injured In Crash For Cash Scam’

This is the astonishing moment a cyclist lies down in the middle of the road and pretends to be injured before being told to move on by a polite motorist. Footage shows the man riding down the dimly-lit A52 in Nottingham before slumping off the bike and lying prone in an apparent crash for cash scam on April 2.


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But when a passenger in the car behind points out that their vehicle has dashcam, he instantly leaps up and starts hurling obscenities. ‘Excuse me, we’ve got a dashcam. You might want to get going,’ Jack Campion, sitting in the passenger seat beside his girlfriend Elizabeth Aspey, politely tells him. The man springs off the floor and walks menacingly towards the car yelling ‘f*** you!’ He then turns and pulls his hoodie up over his head before walking towards his flourescent yellow mountain bike, which is lying on its side.




The cyclist suddenly grabs it and turns back towards the pair sitting in the car, raising it above his head as if threatening to smash their vehicle with it. He then skulks over to the hard shoulder and begins pushing his bike away.




The couple slowly pass the strange man, who appears to be in his 20s, and continue on their journey after the bizarre incident. Crash-for-cash scams cost the car insurance industry £336million pounds each year, according to the Insurance Fraud Bureau.

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