Nowhere To Run: Guy Punches Woman, Gets Lumped Up By Four Sons

General rule – don’t beat up on people weaker than you. Nothing to do with gender, it’s got to do with that general rule. In addition, never beat up a mother with four sons.



This guy has nowhere to go after punching a woman in her mouth. Because unfortunately for him, the woman has four loving sons.




In the video, the savage brothers forcefully dragged the man off the porch, threw him on the ground, then kicked and stomped him. He tries to crawl back into his house, but to no luck. These boys weren’t ready to let him go. They were not holding back in the least, going in for the kill with those wild blows.




I’m surprised the man was still conscious after getting kicked in the head so many times! Props to these brother for not shooting him even when he deserve it.

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