Why You Shouldn’t Get In A Fight With Your Fitness Instructor

He is going to feel that workout in the morning.



Two men can be seen talking inside a boxing ring at the Toe2Toe fitness gym in Holywell, Flintshire, before the gym owner lashes out at the victim.

After the victim falls, he is repeatedly punched in the face and also appears to take a knee to the head before a woman steps into the ring to separate them.




The victim staggers back to his feet with blood dripping from his mouth but does not appear to throw any shots of his own.

Gym instructor Matthew Inskip confirmed he was the man delivering the blows, and admitted the footage ‘looked bad’ when asked about it by the Daily Post.




He said the outburst was in response to a series of threats by the other man. Mr Inskip also alleged there was other CCTV footage which showed the other man ‘kicking off’ at customers and had asked him to leave on a number of occasions.

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