Dude catches monster 10ft bull shark while out fishing with his mates

A keen teenage fisherman was shocked when he reeled in a huge shark while out with his friends.


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Kai George was amazed to have hooked the beast which measured a total length of 3.28m – approximately 10ft 9.

As he tried to get control of the bull shark his friends can be heard in the back of the video saying: “Holy f***ing bull shark. What the f*** are we looking at?”


The bull shark was 10ft long


The boys try to compare the beast’s size to one of the lad’s hands as it is still attached to the fishing line.

The next day Kai appeared on Seven New’s Sunrise program to talk about his unusual catch off the coast of Sydney’s Lilli Pilly wharf. He said; “Me and my mates heard a few reports on this big three-metre bull shark, didn’t know if they were true, I guess we had to put it to the test and we ended up bringing up a three-meter bull shark.


He was caught by a teenager


The teenager shared the video and some photos on his Facebook wall and quickly gained thousands of likes, views and comments. In his caption, he confirmed that the shark was released to “fight another day”.

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