Shark Comes Out Of Nowhere To Attack Spear Fisherman And Nearly Bites His Foot Off

This is the terrifying moment a shark came inches away from biting the foot off a spear fisher. While swimming in the ocean, the diver had a camera attached to his speargun as he was hunting fish. The diver soon realised he bit of more than he could chew as a shark attacked him from behind and yanked off the flipper from his right leg.


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The diver appears to drop his weapon when he is jolted by the shark, although he quickly manages to get hold of it again a move which arguably saved his life. As he makes his way back to the surface of the water, the animal charges at him again, although the diver is able to beat it away using his fist. The diver is then able to create a bit of distance between himself and the predator, before he then prods the weapon into the side of the shark.


The diver is jolted by the shark as it tears a chunk out of his fin (pictured) and comes inches away from biting off his foot


The wounded beast is then clearly deterred by the attack and swims away, nursing its wounds.
Eager to make his escape before the animal returns with a vengeance, the diver quickly makes his way to safety and pops up above the surface.


The diver manages to swim away and puts some distance between himself and the shark before stabbing the animal with his gun


Amazingly, the diver does not appear to have been too shaken by the attack, describing it as ‘f***ing gnarly’ as he emerges from the water. During his brush with death, the diver managed to walk away with just a broken toe.

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