Mum Films The Daily Struggle Of Weaning Toddler Off Breastfeeding

Alicia Bencke, from New York, weaned her two-year-old son Caiden off the natural feeding method a year ago. But the toddler has struggled with the adaption showing the true bond mother and child share.

Caiden is seen trying to pull his mothers top down and tapping her bosom, bursting into repeatedly saying ‘b-b-boobs’. The footage was filmed at their home on February 18. At the beginning, the weaning process was very smooth taking the 22-year-old only two days to adapt to formula but over the last couple of months the toddler has reverted back.
Alicia said, “Even though it’s been a year sense he stopped, he still has an obsession of touching my breasts and just wanting to be close to them. “I filmed one of his funny moments of him having a fit because I wouldn’t let him touch them.”
“This happens all the time. “In most cases, it happens in the grocery store. “It’s super embarrassing, he will slap my chest and yell as loud as he can ‘boobs, boobs, boobs. “People in the store will look over and laugh. “I’m sure the other mothers who see this happen can totally understand this situation”

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