Girl Thinks She Can Square Up Against Giant Dude And Gets OHKO’d Immediately

Female often forget the true strength of men. Just because men were taught not to hit women, doesn’t mean they won’t, especially if you initiated it.



No matter how right you are, never engage in a physical fight with a man. Unless of course you’ve been trained. I’m not saying the woman should be blamed. My point is, she should not have gone close to an angry man.




The video starts with a man standing behind a line in some fast food. A woman approaches him and he didn’t hold back and punched her straight to face. She fell hard on the floor.

We don’t know what happened before the video, but it seems like they already made a scene because people are already paying them attention.


She fell hard on the floor.


After a couple of ‘oh my gods’ from surrounding people, someone finally decided to take care of the unconscious woman.

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