Intuder Gets What’s Coming For Him As He Tries To Break Into A Trained Boxer’s House

A father knocked out a ‘home intruder’ who appeared to be trying to break into his home before live streaming the take down on Facebook.



Jonathan Abrams of Pontiac, Michigan rushed home after his teen daughter called to say there was an intruder. He rushed back and spotted a figure outside his house on South Tilden Street. Abrams said he saw the man trying to force his way through the door of his Waterford Township house.

He knocked the guy out cold and livestreamed it as he held the criminal down before police arrived.




He had one arm like this, and he was doing this and was trying to get in,’ Abrams told Local 4, motioning how the man was trying to force open the door.

Abrams, a trained boxer and personal trainer, said his instincts kicked in. He ‘instantly punched’ the man ‘out cold’ before pulling out his cellphone and streaming the intruder’s limp body.




In the video, Abrams is heard saying ‘if anything happened, everyone would clearly see’ it was not his fault.

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