Dude Bit Off More Than He Could Chew As He Confronted Man Who Threw Him Combo Of Punches

Dude walked into an azz whoopin. It was a typical road rage, until the other man threw combo of punches that doesn’t look random. He must have undergone some boxing training.


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The video shows two guys fist fighting during a red light on some road. It wasn’t much of a fist fight though, looks more like target practice. Man wearing blue threw several punches while dude in white shirt tries to block all of it. He threw more than ten punches.


Dude walked into an azz whoopin.


Guy in white shirt didn’t even had a chance to swing his arm. When he got a chance for escape, he ran away from the punching man and went to his car. He attempts to get back on the man, but it seems half-hearted. He just didn’t want to look like a loser.

It was already the green light so the punching man decided to get back on his vehicle.


he ran away from the punching man and went to his car.


Judging from their initial position, it looks like the beaten man in white shirt initiated the fight. He left his car in the middle of the road to confront the punching man.

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