This Guy Knows How To Do Easter — Creates A Delicious Chocolate Bunny Bong And Lights A Joint

Life hacks are always amusing to learn about, some are useful, and others are downright impractical. This man just found a way to win at Easter using a Chocolate bunny, chocolate milk, and some power tools.

Looking for a way to spice up your leftover Easter Sunday chocolate, well, if by chance you have a large Choco Bunny lying around, this man shows us a nifty DIY life hack. Going to the discount section of the grocery store, this fellow discovers the perfect chocolate treat.

Chocolate Bong Water

Taking a power drill he creates a hole in the bunny’s stomach, the tops of its ears, and with chocolate milk as the “bong water” this dude just created an ingeniously way of getting high.

Choco Bunny Bong

Give this man a Nobel Prize now!

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