Cashier Goes Nuts When Man Asks For Change for the Air Pump

A driver stopped to fill up his tires and set off a whole chain of crazy.



This guy thought the woman working at this service station was being dodgy when she told him to buy something for fifty cents so she could give him change for the air pump. A simple misunderstanding, resulting in a massive blow up!




Here’s a description from the Yotube video:

“I walked into a gas station to ask for change to use at their air pump. I didn’t ask for an exact monetary amount. The clerk mentioned she had and was willing to give me $2.00 in quarters. When I reached for my money, the clerk saw more than $2.00 and she told me I would have to buy a $.50 lollipop and she would only be able to give me $1.50 in quarters. I felt that she was trying to penny pinch me for $.50 cents. I wasn’t going to agree to that, so I thought I would record her unethical business practices and let the public know how they operate business and what they should possibly expect. After I asked her to repeat herself, so I could record it, I told her I was going to publicize the video on Facebook and that was the clerks trigger point and she decided to overreact by threatening me, calling me names, and throwing stuff at me before chasing me out.”




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