Dad Drags Rider From Motorbike After He’s Seen Driving Down Busy Street

A man dragged a motorcyclist from his vehicle as he drove down a busy pedestrianised street, claiming that his daughter was almost hit.



Queen Street in Cardiff was packed with people when the motorbike headed through the crowds at lunchtime.




Footage shows one man stopping the rider while shouting: “Oi, what the fuck are you doing? That’s my daughter!” He then appears to drag the man off the bike, who hits the floor.

A security guard from a nearby shop attempts to step in, but as he does so, the motorbike rider runs off, and appears to be in such a rush that he leaves his bike behind.




A spokesperson from South Wales Police told Wales Online that they are looking for the rider and are currently checking CCTV. They added that the motorbike had been recovered from the scene.

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