Don’t-Give-a-F*ck Dump Truck Driver Goes Straight into Overpass and Explodes

Not sure if the driver thought he could actually clear it. Footage has emerged of the moment that a truck crashed into a motorway overpass in Canada, after the driver forgot to lower the trailer.



The truck was carrying a full load of corn when it smashed into the bridge at full speed. Miraculously, no-one was hurt and the footage was captured by another truck driver on the road.




As you might expect, the video has gone viral across social media – and rightly so, because it’s extremely satisfying to watch.

The highway had to be closed while the emergency services picked up debris from the truck and – presumably – several tonnes of corn.




The truck, it’s safe to say, is totalled – its roof was ripped off completely by the bridge in the crash. The driver of the truck was unhurt.

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