This Dude On ‘Sri Lanka’s Got Talent’ Probably Shouldn’t Have Tried To Smash Concrete Blocks Over His Head

Fall down once, concuss thyself, get up concussed, bypass concussion protocol, and punch some more rocks.


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I’ve actively tried to cut down on writing about people putting themselves out there and failing. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But the longer I work on the internet, the more I am reminded that there is no shortage of piling on, especially during one’s worst moments.

But this was just too damn funny, too electric, to not bring to the masses.




The program: Sri Lanka’s Got Talent. The talent: Sudarshana Deshapriya. Deshapriya advanced after impressing the judges with his brute strength, but the dude tried to turn it up a notch and break two concrete blocks over his head at once. The result was far from spectacular.




Ok now I feel like an asshole because this dude needs an ambulance.

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