Savage Chick on Bikini Goes On A Knockdown Spree At The Beach

She was knocking everybody down like a domino.


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This sexy blonde woman just wasn’t taking sh!t from anybody at the beach!

It was spring break and people were partying, drinking, and relaxing on a white sand beach. But blonde babe in green bikinis has zero chill as she argues with a group of three women.




Three on one, blonde chick didn’t mind that she was outnumbered, her aggressiveness made up for that as she shoved one of the women, knocking the other two over like a sick game of dominos.

That sure pissed off the other blonde chick in red-black bikini. She got back to her feet with an angry gleam in her eye prepared to fight. Jumping the lone wolf blonde babe in green, she was not prepared for the wild fight she started.




Poor woman went down hard.

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