Maniac Slides Down A 260-Foot Cable Without A Harness, And Oh God We’re Going To Throw Up

We’ve watched a lot of videos of people climbing tall structures and doing crazy stuff, but this one still took our breath away.



At the start of the clip the man, resting on a narrow beam at the top of the pole, looks down at the green land 260 feet (79m) below him.

After dangling a bag with one hand, he lifts it up and then lets go, letting it drop to the rocks by the water’s edge below.




He then zips his phone in his pocket and puts on specially-designed gloves to let him hold on to the pole without burning his hands.

With nothing to secure him he wraps his legs around the pole, before gripping it with both hands and starting his descent.




As the wind rushes in his ears the man heads rapidly towards the ground, while the shaky camera shows the terrifying height of his adventure.

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