Idiot Almost Kills Himself Doing Crossfit at the Gym

Dude does pull ups like a fish trying to get back in the water. He was trying to look like a badass in front of a woman and well… the rest is history.



Not sure where this fail starts, but it has a definite ending. Working out is great for your health as long as you don’t do it like this guy.




Here’s the video description from Youtube:

“I was competing the 2018 CrossFit open in the last event of the five weeks. I was on the set of 18 chest to bar pull-ups when my grips slipped and I momentarily blacked out and found myself on the ground all numb for a couple seconds.”




So please don’t try this at home, or maybe even in the gym, especially there’s a barbell so close you might hit your head when you fall.

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